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All Nations Café Caravan
from Jerusalem to Europe

This CD was recorded in Israel and in Palestine by the All Nations Café team and friends. It contains original and popular songs in English, Hebrew and Arabic, which were the base of the All Nations Café Caravan that toured Palestine, Israel, Germany and Switzerland in the spring of 2005, reaching out to people and opening hearts through music and love.

You receive the complete CD in a special case and a song booklet in English, Hebrew and Arabic. In return we ask you to cover the postage fee and contribute to future All Nations Café activities.
Listen to samples of the tracks
Track Title Time Track Title Time
1. Caravan Song 6:07 10. The Good Hearted 2:13
2. Welcome 4:19 11. I Believe in Miracles 1:48
3. Jerusalem Peace Circle 2:19 12. Zikr 7:41
4. Isaiah 2/4 4:44 13. A Weeping Eye 4:02
5. May the Love 2:58 14. All Nations Clap Hands 5:15
6. You Can 0:46 15. Earth & Sky 3:51
7. Peace Has Arrived 4:23 16. From the Depths 3:41
8. Hu Allah 4:36 17. Redmption Time 4:47
9. Love Your Neighbor 5:08 18. Love Alchemy 5:12

art by Dhyan ©

art by Dhyan ©

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