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“The creativity, ideals and courage of the youth of the world should be mobilized to forge a global partnership in order to achieve sustainable development and ensure a better future for all.”
Principle 21 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Earth Summit,  June 1992
"Let's go and take a Palestinian from the refugee camp and put them in charge of everything. Let's ask them to solve it all and come up with the plan that will work."
Kryon (through Lee Carroll), Jerusalem, October 29, 2005

LaboRio is a project of Beit Catarina, the Jerusalem base of Katharina-Werk community of Switzerland. Originally conceived by Pia Gyger and later adopted by Maria-Christina Eggers, Dhyan Or and Daphna Rosenberg to be applied in Shu’afat refugee camp in East Jerusalem, together with the local support of Muhammad Abdel Rahman and Dr. Salim Anati from the Center for the Disabled at the camp.

Picking the bright youth who show potential of leadership and empowering them to be able to carry the responsibilities they may receive in the coming future.

The course is dealing with spiritual, ecological and political consciousness development, and uses both theoretical and practical methods, meditative exercises and meetings with remarkable people. The first course, running from November 2006 until March 2007 with 14 girls and boys at the ages of 16 – 18, dealt with the following subjects:

I. Honoring Planet Earth, Honoring Humanity
Earth and mankind on their way to globalize. Rio Earth Summit.
Growing awareness of the whole planet and the whole universe as our home.
Presentations of Shu'afat: Beauty, Challenges and History of its people.
Honor Shu'afat in three steps: Honor the past, Address the light in the darkness, Welcome Shu'afat in the Eternal Now.
Being a link between the past and the future. Interviewing a family elder.
Visiting the Tent of Nations and the All Nations Café projects.

II. I am a Part of Planet Earth – I am a Part of Humanity
Humanity and Planet Earth as living organisms.
The importance of both Mind and Heart.
Introduction to three keys of human coexistence: Unity – diversity – uniqueness.
I am a unique expression of the universe. My greatest joy as a hint of my task in life.
Process of unification: Humans becoming Humanity.
Concept of Core Hurt, Core Shadow, Core competence: My weakness as a gate to my strength.
I am important for planet Earth and for the Universe: My thinking, speaking and acting makes a difference.
Don’t fight against the mistake, support what is missing.
A history of human consciousness development.
The importance of having a Palestinian nation in the world.
Earth is giving birth to mankind.
Visit to Supreme Court of Justice and meeting with a human rights lawyer.

III. Honoring Myself and My Community - Taking Responsibility of My Life and My Community’s Life
Visiting the Holy Land Trust for nonviolence training in Bethlehem.
Visiting the mother of a prisoner and the Areen youth center at Dheishe refugee camp.
Men and Women: from projective love to mature love.
Bird with Two Wings: from gender conflicts to integration of feminine and masculine qualities.
Gender identities, qualities, challenges and strengths.
Asking Gaia how to serve humanity and the planet.
Getting Active: finding ways to engage in promoting the welfare of my community and of humanity.



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