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Middle-East SPRING CAMP! Ein Haniya

Mar 25th - April 1st 2007

Our 2007 Spring Camp has seen the biggest show of new faces yet, including Palestinian youth, Israeli students, families from both sides of the border, and guests from the US and Europe. We celebrated three consecutive holidays: Passover, Prophet Muhammad's birthday and Easter with members of different faiths, and enjoyed dances of universal peace and two theater shows with audience participation. Passers by, who hesitantly stepped into the All Nations Café, have been deeply touched by the intimate sharing and expressed their deep feeling of transformation from indifference and despair to optimism and hope.


Now, that the spring is bursting out with flowers of all colors and hues from every stone terrace around us, and the Ein-Haniya spring is gushing with clear mountain water and filling the pool and the canal, we are ready to have our next Middle East Families Camp on the last week of March. Starting on Sunday the 25th and running until the first of April, this spring camp will give a chance for many new people to visit our cafe and experience our way of sharing, working, cooking, eating, creating and celebrating together.You are all welcome to be a part of it!


....Sunday 25th of March The Opening from 11am - Opening circle, 2-4pm - Lunch, from 4pm - Concert with Guns to Guitars

....Monday 26th of March Ecology Day 11am - Workshop with Gali from Community Garden project, 2-4pm - Lunch, from 5pm - Clowning workshop with Sara

....Tuesday 27th of March Stage Arts Day 10am - Trip to the biggest more than 3000 year old Olive tree in the Middle East (come on time!), 2-4pm - Lunch, from 4pm-Dance, theater and ancient music workshops, from 7pm - Hafla and Live Show into the night

....Wednesday 28th of March Open Day 11am - Herbs workshop with Nir, 12:30 - Open space, 2-4pm - Lunch, 4pm - Peace songs, from 5pm- Open space

....Thursday 29th of March Next Generation Day 11am - Cleaning, restoring and swimming at the spring, 2-4pm - Lunch, from 4pm - Youth circle

...Friday 30th of March Shabbat Hagadol (Passover) from 11am - Visit of Jewish Renewal group from USA and a workshop about the inner meaning of Passover with Michael Kagan, 5pm - Creative Kabbalat Shabbat

....Saturday 31st of March Prophet Muhammad's Birthday 11am - Trip to Abed's heavenly field, Celebrating with youth from the LaboRio program in Shu'afat refugee camp, 2-4pm Mostly organic lunch

....Sunday 1st of April Palm Sunday 12-2pm Forum Theater Show "Viewpoints" with Palestinian-Israeli cast from The Peres Center for Peace, 3-5pm - Palm Sunday circle with Maria-Christina Eggers from Katharina-Werk community in Basel-Switzerland, from 5pm - Closing circle


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